About the Webinar

VIATechnik, Baker Concrete, Balfour Beatty, and IKERD Consulting joined us in this informative webinar showcasing 10 of the worst construction blunders. Learn what they did to resolve and avoid them! The most common causes of construction mistakes were timing, making assumptions, and not verifying 100% of the work.

Additional highlights include the following:

• 8:15 — Making assumptions is dangerous. Check out mistake #10 to find out why.
• 30:15 — You don’t need 20/20 vision to spot our #3 construction error.
• 38:45 — More scanners equal less lawyers! Learn why scanning can prevent HUGE litigation costs in construction mistake #4.
• 28:24 — Will Ikerd, Principal at IKERD Consulting, shares his takeaways from blunder #3.
• 47:41— Find out how blunder #1 caused a one-year delay & millions of extra dollars spent.
• 10:15 — What’s the difference between Northing and Easting vs. Easting and Northing? About 7 days of rework! Understand the importance of direction in construction blunder #10!
• 38:09 — Laser scanning to the rescue!
• 1:00:10 — An audience member shares how laser scanning aided in efficiently monitoring structural settling of the 2012 England Olympic Aquatic Center.

Please enjoy this informative webinar!
ClearEdge3D Team