Reduce Modeling Time by 30%

In this January 2017 webinar, we delve into two case studies presented by ClearEdge3D. BIM Connection and Advanced 3D Laser Scanning talked about how EdgeWise software’s automated pipe extraction, overnight workflow, and plugin/exporting features aided in complex medical and pharmaceutical plant building and renovation projects.

The first case study focuses on a UK Pharmaceutical Plant subject to multiple changes, snaking and redundant pipework, and heavy lagging that led to 60 scans per day! The second study features The University of Oregon's 16 new medical research lab projects that demand renovating existing MEP systems. Using EdgeWise, FARO Scanners, and various best practices (with tips shared in the webinar), both firms quickly completed their projects with an average of 30% savings in modeling time.

Webinar Highlights Include: 

  • 05:55 —How an oil and gas firm successfully renovated their first medical/pharma plant project
  • 07:28 —What it took for Advanced 3D Laser Scanning to produce accurate P&IDs and PFDs 
  • 07:40 —Why it’s important to explain to clients that laser scanning is better than any other survey method
  • 11:25 —Lewis Boxer’s Quick Tip #1: Take lots of small scans and reuse your spheres as much as possible
  • 17:32 —See how EdgeWise can follow pipes using point cloud data
  • 17:44 —How running EdgeWise overnight automatically extracts 80% of pipework 
  • 18:20 —Boxer’s Quick Tip # 2: Break the project down into logical areas
  • 36:57 —Challenges of scanning long linear projects (e.g., hallways) 
  • 40:19 —Scared of Snakes? Then you may get spooked by this project’s “snake pit” of pipework
  • 43:15 —Benefits of EdgeWise’s workflow simplicity 
  • 47:10 —Audience member asks about tracing pipes through the cloud 

Please enjoy the webinar, and feel free to reach out to us if you have questions or would like a personal demonstration. Thank you!

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