About the Webinar

Verity allows construction professionals to avoid expensive rework costs by verifying 100% of their work in the time it takes to spot check 5%. It compares scan data of recently constructed work against design & fabrication models and automatically flags out of tolerance work.

DPR Construction and The Beck Group were the first two companies to witness HUGE time and cost savings by using Verity. In this highly informative webinar, they present the construction challenges they came across in two of their projects and how they were able to resolve them promptly thanks to Verity.

Additional highlights include:

  • 15:50 — Learn how Verity helped DPR Construction avoid major potential delays in a high-end retail site in Nashville.
  • 27:15 — A critical beam that was supposed to be angled down was installed flat! Never rely on spot checking.
  • 31:37 — Tim Malys of DPR Construction reveals what frustrates him the most as a construction project manager.
  • 48:47 — Check out how this project ended up with 110 out of 296 out-of-tolerance elements!
  • 51:29 — Find out how Kelly Cone, former VDC Director of The Beck Group, first conceived of the Verity concept.
  • 52:23 — Take a look at how Verity works in this short demo.
  • 1:02:12 — Obtain information about Verity pricing.
  • 1:03:19 — Q&A from the attenders about Verity features.

Enjoy the webinar!

ClearEdge3D Team