In this webinar, Mark Hanna of PrecisionPoint and Daniel Niziolek of Ramboll will demonstrate how they successfully won, managed, and completed two highly complex airport renovation projects in the face of several challenges, including time-consuming security procedures, inconvenient working schedules, exceptionally tight deadlines, and unreliable (if not non-existent) as-built documentation. 

The webinar features a bunch of laser scanning, automated feature extraction, and BIM best-practice tips that these two AEC industry experts were delighted to share with us. Putting those tips into practice helped Daniel reduce MEP modeling time by 60-70%, and helped Mark save 40 man-hours modeling a highly complex baggage system — imagine what putting some of these tips into practice may do for you!

Webinar Highlights Include:

  • 6:04 — Daniel explains how he improved data accuracy and obtained 70% time-savings modeling MEP with automated feature extraction technology.  
  • 6:53 —Never rely on just your judgement. Get the most accurate results with this powerful tip.  
  • 11:10 —Are you familiar with the pains and inefficiencies of modeling complex geometry in Revit? Here’s a better way to do it!
  • 12:55 —Maximize the use of cloud to cloud registration and targets to get the best turnarounds with this easy to apply tip — it will save you tons of time. 
  • 33:31—Check out how the PrecisionPoint team learned to always expect the unexpected — and why you should too!
  • 30:25 — Find out how PrecisionPoint reduced modeling time by 65% and saved 40 man-hours on a highly complex baggage system renovation project.  
  • 38:10 — Team coordination should always be a priority. Make sure to apply this great expert tip!
  • 49:18 — Check out this very practical tip for extracting small piping and conduit. 

We hope you enjoy the show!

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