About this webinar

The built environment is in a constant state of change. Renovations and retrofits give new purpose to aging structures, however, these projects come with an increasing set of challenges and complexities. Inaccuracies, delays, and inefficiencies at any stage in the project compound to erode profits and relationship equity. Starting with an accurate representation of the existing conditions is critical for project success.

Industry experts Greg Hale, PE and Kris Nixon, PLS share their best practices for accelerating piping and duct scan-to-model workflows in case study format. Take a trip into the field and hear their experiences on two active projects:

  • The Dome Arena and Expo Center Rehabilitation Project (Rochester, NY)
  • 1145 19th Street MEP Upgrade Project (Washington, DC)

Watch this webinar and learn:

  • Laser scanning tips to ensure the best and fastest field collection
  • Hidden challenges that can put a project off schedule or off budget
  • Best practice data processing and modeling tips to speed your back office workflow