About this webinar

Medical center BIM projects are among the most complex and challenging in our industry. The tight spaces, ongoing medical activities and the life-threatening cost of failure make hospital and medical center projects risky for even experienced 3D capture professionals. Yet, the financial rewards in this fast-growing category are huge.

The goal of this webinar is to show you the key lessons learned and best practices you can apply to your upcoming as-built BIM projects.

Using two recent large medical center BIM case studies as a guide, you’ll learn:

  • Common mistakes firms make when bidding hospital MEP projects…and how to avoid them
  • Laser scanning tips to ensure the best and fastest field collection
  • Hidden challenges in hospital as-builts that can put a project off schedule and off budget
  • Best-practice project management tactics to ensure field-to-finish-to-financial success
  • Data processing and modeling tips to speed your back office workflow

Join Melinda Hoffman, Virtual Construction Manager at LP Ciminelli, Allen Sly Electrical Design Engineer at P2S Engineering, and moderator Kevin Williams, Founder and CTO of ClearEdge3D on this practical, real-world BIM webinar.