Best Practice Structural Modeling with the New EdgeWise Structure: Case Studies of Faster, More Accurate Workflows 

Featuring Three Case Studies: 1) Commonwealth Stadium Refurbishment, University of Kentucky; 2) Dow Chemical Facility Blast Model; 3) 1/3 Mile Long Pipe Rack in Ohio ClearEdge3D’s new EdgeWise Structure software promises much faster and more accurate modeling of steel, concrete and wood structural members.  This webinar will showcase three recent projects that utilized EdgeWise Structureto model complex as-built steel structure and export an intelligent model to Revit or AutoCAD, saving hundreds of hours over more traditional workflows. Specifically you will learn:

  • How to improve your overall scanning process to efficiently capture structural members for an optimal modeling workflow
  • The specific challenges that TrueScan3D and PLC, Inc. encountered in the field and in the back office to deliver these complex projects on time and on budget
  • How they integrated EdgeWise Structure into their existing workflow and the pros and cons of automated modeling technologies
  • How EdgeWise Structure leverages advanced extraction algorithms and an extensive structural component library to extract properly specified members faster and more accurately than existing workflows
  • How to export an intelligent structure model directly to Revit and other CAD platforms, eliminating the need for remodeling.

Watch Brian Elbe, HDS Team Manager at TrueScan3D, Keith McKinney, Principal, Piping Layout Consultants, KevinWilliams, Founder and Chief Scientist at ClearEdge3D along with moderator Kevin Corbley, Editor-in-Chief of Workflow 4.0 on this instructive and actionable on-demand webinar. 

Please enjoy this informative webinar!
ClearEdge3D Team