Case Studies in Best-Practice Scan-to-Revit Workflows

More than 500 of your colleagues in the industry registered for this webinar to hear Mark Hanna of PrecisionPoint, Mike Pfaff of Bowman Consulting and Kevin Williams of ClearEdge3D give their insights and lessons learned on as-built BIM projects. It was the single largest live BIM webinar ever produced. Here are some of the highlights with time stops noted:

  • 17:05—A simple & inexpensive tactic to make field collection go much smoother.
  • 18:35—How and why you should integrate high-res photos with their Revit model—hint: clients love this!
  • 26:00—How to maintain survey control over several days in a busy facility—the solution may surprise you.
  • 23:30—Avoid this common project profit margin killer!
  • 41:30—10 specific tips you can implement in your workflow today—plus 8 more tips at minute 22:12.
  • 47:45—Kevin Williams of ClearEdge3D talks about the upcoming EdgeWise Structure release and coming support for square/rectangular duct extraction.
  • 1:04:10—The presenters reveal their single best piece of advice to anyone doing as-built BIMs
  • And there are many, many more gems in this session!

Please enjoy this informative webinar!
ClearEdge3D Team