New Tools and Technologies for Modeling and Importing As-Built Pipes and Components into PDMS

476 of your colleagues registered for the live version of this informative and focused webinar (65 minutes) featuring a great case study by Dewalt’s Matthew Byrd and a demo of the EdgeWise Plant PDMS Plug-in by AMEC’s John Hill.

Here are some highlights with time stops notated to save you time: 

  • 8:20–Dewalt’s case study of a complex oil processing facility begins
  • 16:55–Matthew Byrd describes the pros and cons of target-less registration with Recap
  • 22:02–Matthew outlines Dewalt’s innovative 3D modeling workflow
  • 29:15–Matthew’s 10 tips and tactics to make your scan-to-PDMS project go much faster
  • 42:05–Amec’s John Hill gives a live demo of the EdgeWise Plant PDMS Plug-in
  • 54:10–ClearEdge3D’s Kevin Williams shows what’s coming up this Spring and Summer in EdgeWise
  • 58:10–Ask the experts: a Q&A session with the presenters

Please enjoy this informative webinar!
ClearEdge3D Team