If you are working on, bidding on or want to work on as-built ducting or MEP projects, you need to watch this Webinar!

Modeling as-built ducting in Revit or other BIM platforms is difficult, time-consuming and a flat-out pain. Complex transitions, a lack of standards and the need for custom installations means modeling as-built ducts can take forever. Finally, new software and hardware advances are taking much of the hassle out of creating ducting and MEP as-builts.

The goal of this webinar is to show you the latest technology and tools for capturing and modeling as-built ducting (especially difficult transitions) and other complex MEP systems. Our speakers will highlight two recent MEP projects that utilized some of these new tools. After viewing this webinar you’ll be able to create 3D models of as-built ducting and other MEP elements faster and easier than ever before.

Specifically you will learn:

  • When to integrate new handheld scanners into your collection workflow for best data coverage
  • How new EdgeWise software from ClearEdge3D can quickly and easily model square and round ducting, structure, conduit and other difficult MEP elements
  • A dead-easy new tool for quickly modeling complex duct transitions
  • The most common challenges in MEP/HVAC modeling projects—and how to overcome them
  • Data processing and modeling tips to speed your back-office workflow

Watch Mark Hanna, President of Precision Point; Chris Heliotes, Project Manager of Westlake Consulting, Kevin Williams, Founder and CTO of ClearEdge3D and your moderator, Kevin Corbley, Editor-in-Chief of Workflow 4.0 e-newsletter on this informative and focused webinar.

Please enjoy this informative webinar!
ClearEdge3D Team