Case Studies Managing Difficult Structural Projects

In this real world and insightful webinar, Allen Construction Services & Hale TiP present two different project case studies centering on the structural, identifier, scheduling, and truss work challenges they tackled. Through precise scanning equipment and extraction tools in EdgeWise, they resolved these critical issues promptly and effectively.

Additional underliners with time stamps to note include:

  • 7:13 → Learn how to overcome this common project challenge and increase productivity!
  • 9:59 → Check out how EdgeWise reduces project times by 75%.
  • 10:50 → Data is everything! Make sure not to make this mistake.
  • 22:53 → Discover how and why to consider ground extraction for every project.
  • 25:27 → Hear about the importance of considering true conditions instead of estimates when making extractions.
  • 30:17 → Make your clients happy by applying this great tip!
  • 30:36 → Find out how Greg Hale of Hale TiP increases the quality of his projects.
  • 43:29 → The presenters discuss preferred settings for laser scanning.

Please enjoy this informative webinar!

ClearEdge3D Team