In this free webinar recording you'll find a ton of best practice tips to integrate construction verification into your construction project workflow and see the latest release of Verity! Discover how automation and technology enable rapid, cost effective QA/QC, the importance of early implementation to detect mistakes before they become expensive problems and so much more!

Additional Highlights Include:

  • 4:20 — Find out the single most important aspect to a successful QA/QC integration
  • 18:00 — Listen to why SUMO Services, Ltd. prefers handheld scanners for wall/partition verification 
  • 32:20 — Learn why the early verification of steel frames and services is crucial for avoiding expensive rework
  • 33:42 — Check out this highly practical data collection best practice tip that will save you tons of money
  • 37:14 — Discover which new role surveyors will be likely to adopt in the future 
  • 45:25 – Maximize the accuracy of your analysis with our new percent coverage Verity functionality 
  • 52:27— Take a first look at the new measurement tools and technical previews featured in Verity 1.5.

Join Rob Klaschka, Director of the Digital Built Environment at SUMO Services, Ltd. and our VP of Product Management Kelly Cone on this practical, real world webinar recoding! 

Enjoy the presentation and feel free to reach out to us if you have questions or would like a personal demonstration. Thank you!


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