Check out this free webinar recording to learn 18 NEW tips and hacks that will help you obtain a superior scan-to-BIM workflow. Shared by four of the industry’s most experienced as-built modeling and scanning professionals, these tips will help you boost the productivity and cost-efficiency of your next project!

Additional Highlights Include:

  • 8:36 — Manage client expectations with this easy, quick & cheap solution —not many people know about! 
  • 18:54 — Don’t bid on a scan-to-BIM project without answering these 5 key questions 
  • 23:25 — Maximize the use of today’s collection device technologies with this easy to apply tip
  • 28:12 — Beware: target-less is NOT always the best solution! Here is why.
  • 37:53 — Discover Greg Hale’s 5 expert hacks to better process target-less data — clients love #4! 
  • 42:58 — Enhance the productivity of your modeling workflows with this great new EdgeWise functionality.
  • 43:45 — Find out why over-modeling could be your biggest project risk
  • 52:58 — Check out the 4 hottest new AEC technologies and how they will change your workflow

Your Presenters & Host:

  • Greg Hale — CTO and Co-Founder, HALE TiP (No. of Projects: 1,850)
  • Ted Mort — VP and Operations Manager, Eco 3D (No. of Projects: 1,250)
  • Kris Nixon — Principal and Owner, Meridian 3D (No. of Projects: 1,000)
  • Jesse Huynh — Technology Solutions Manager, VIATecnik (No. of Projects: 330)
  • Host: Kelly Cone — VP of Product Management at ClearEdge3D

We hope you find this webinar both interesting and informative! Please feel free to reach out to us if you have questions or would like a personal demonstration. Thank you!


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